Starting 31/1/2023 Emily will practice at 888 New North Road; Mt Albert; Auckland; New Zealand. Ample parking is available Office hours will be Tuesday and Thursday 0900-1700.I look

Wait a second, my kid has a serious problem, you are going to fix it with massage???  YES. My observation is that after medical issues are addressed, the two

Adeline ate birthday cake at her first birthday party, However, months earlier, Adeline’s mother worried Adeline would never eat birthday cake.  Her feeding journey started just days after

Emily talks about Eating Disorder symptoms from a Five Element prospective talks about Five Elements, an ancient philosophy, and how it can be applied to the diagnosis

Real results from real clients. An interview with Nasim, mother of a MFC client working on tube weaning.Hightlights: 0.00Client introduction2:10 Results of 4 treatments.5:38 Home program 6:52 recommendations

Manuel is an 8-month-old boy that was born prematurely at 33 weeks. He was in the NICU for 1 month but was released home with no additional services

I was a weekly Spanish interpreter for many clients in person and telehealth for Emily over 2 years. The majority of the clients we saw had feeding problems,

I have been fortunate to collaborate with Emily as a team member. She is extremely knowledgeable and seamlessly blends her expertise in multiple intervention methodologies. She explains how

“you are absolutely correct about those massages… There is no other way to explain the near sudden explosion of language we’ve seen, not just in putting multiple syllables

As a Speech Language Pathologist with over twenty years experience I have worked with many excellent clinicians. I immediately knew when I met Emily that she was uniquely